FAQ: Installation and Upgrade

You have received the files for a Final Release of a module. Only one needs to be installed. Check which one has already been installed in your system: 

  • The respective module has not been installed in your system yet: Install the module by implementing the file "PBS_[Produkt]_IP_[#].sar"
  • The respective module has been installed in your system, but with a low release level: Update the module by installing the file "PBS_[Produkt]_UP_[#].sar".
  • If the module has already been installed in the current Final Release, you do not need to transfer either of the two transports.

IP: Installation Package
UP: Upgrade Package
# : Final Release Number

The current patches for each module/release, as well as the corresponding Final Release transports, are located in the Help Desk Download Area.

You can download the Customer Patches/Support Packages directly. Please request Final Release transports through info@pbs-software.com.

In this case, choose the option "Keep (yours)" or "Keep (with vendor key)" to keep the PBS level. Request a vendor key by contacting hotline@pbs-software.com. After completing the SAP upgrade, proceed as described in the next section.

In this case, the storage technique of the indices for CFI, CSD, and the purchasing document from CMM changes. The existing index is read in the same manner as a long-term index in these areas. When setting up new index data, an index is written automatically in the new storage technique. The Administration Board available in SAP ERP 5.0 and later (for CFI, already in 4.7 Unicode and later) displays the indices in the new storage technique only. The function "PBS data from previous releases" exists in the Administration Board to manage legacy indices.

A new setup or migration of existing indices is not necessary.

The PBS transport research (transaction /PBS/UTIL_Z9CP) displays the imported transports in the system. To determine the transports for a specific PBS module, fill the first three fields with * for the selection. Enter the PBS module in the last field.

In Release 4.7 and later, a table of the installed program levels is displayed in the initial screen of the transaction SAINT.

The PBS packages are provided with import conditions; this error indicates that they have not been fulfilled. Check which condition has not been fulfilled using the transaction SAINT -> Goto -> Support Packages in the system and import missing packages if necessary. If different precondition sets are displayed, fulfilling one of them is sufficient.

PBS supplies a standardized delivery of packages for all SAP installation levels in ECC 6.0. But it should however be ensured as for each update or upgrade of SAP packages that the current package has been installed for all PBS modules. Moreover, an adaptation transport is necessary for some PBS modules - such as CMM - from EHP3. This transport has to be installed after the current package. If this is required, we always refer you explicitly to this during the delivery of current packages.