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With today's PBS hotline letter we wish to point out to corrections with high priority in the SAP standard. These corrections affect the new SAP general ledger when using the active document splitting. PBS feels obliged to inform their customers pro-actively about it to limit necessary corrections that might be performed for documents in the SAP database. If documents are archived without implementing the corrections and indexed with PBS, considerable performance problems may occur in the PBS archive add on CFI and an adaptation of the SAP archive files is not consequently possible at present.


SAP provides a core functionality to their customers with the new general ledger to meet the requirements of parallel accounting in which the central function "document splitting" is also contained. Document splitting is an important tool to create complete balance sheets for selected dimensions (such as SEGMENT, PROFIT CENTER, business area, funds, funding, or customer-specific field) at any time.

If the necessary corrections are missing, many identical (and thus unnecessary) entries are written to the tables FAGL_SPLINFO and FAGL_SPLINFO_VAL when clearing them in active document splitting. This has a negative influence on the performance for single document access and for mass evaluations in the SAP database and the SAP ADK files for archiving object FI_DOCUMNT.

SAP provides necessary corrections for data prevention and data correction with below notes. We kindly ask you to clean up the data before starting a data archiving.


SAP module:

Archiving object:





ECC 5.0, ECC 6.x

1238578, 1259251, 1151204, 1067344


Sincerely yours,

ppa. Walter Steffen


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