Registration for PBS Info Day now open

This year’s Information Day will take place on May 27 and, as usual, at the Dorint Hotel, Mannheim. We cordially invite you to join us! This year we have reduced the number of presentations. There will be no parallel sessions. This has the advantage that you can attend all sessions and not miss out on any information. There are, after all, going to be some exciting surprises that we are not going to give away in advance of course!

Here you can find the agenda and registration for the event!

Exciting further enhancements

Save to say that this concerns, among others, our further enhancements that are taking a highly promising and extremely favorable turn for very many SAP user companies with regards to the hardware choice for their nearline storage solutions. In this context, it should be mentioned that there is growing awareness for using nearline solutions in operational systems, particularly when access to archived data – as is the case with the PBS Nearline Storage solutions – is faster than access to resident data, and also when several platforms can be supported by a solution.

Our add-ons have become so fast thanks to the use of column-based database technology, that we are considering renaming them “speed-ons”. Furthermore, there have also been a number of improvements concerning compliance that we would like to present to you.

New Development for Risk and Compliance Management

An important business strategy is to address risks at an early stage. This includes the development of strategies to minimize risks and the preparation of buffers to reduce the impact in the event of a risk materializing. In this context, PBS has a brand new tool in their portfolio for monitoring transaction, report, table, and file calls. It can be used, for example, to check whether transfers were performed at unusual times, such as after close of business, or on public holidays. Walter Steffen will demonstrate how this works in the SAP system.

Success Story: PBS CISU Implementation at WienIT

Mario Stäter, from our partner company GISA, and Gerald Wenda from WienIT will present the successful implementation of PBS CISU for SAP industry solutions as well as integration of SAP CRM at WienIT.


Benefit from the experience of others, stay up-to-date with our topics around Information Lifecycle Management, and have discussions with others from the SAP Community.

You can register here. We look forward to seeing you!