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Data Volume Analysis

A Data Volume Analysis provided by PBS consultants can a targeted plan for implementation of the right PBS archiving solutions for a customer's SAP environment. 

With data volume analytics, customers can build a plan to improve performance, reduce database size, and enable or expand data archiving in the SAP landscape.

Regardless of your plans to continue use of an ECC system or creating a plan to move (or manage) your data footprint for S/4HANA, a customized Data Volume Analysis provides data-driven vision to manage your SAP infrastructure.

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Quick Check Analysis

A Free Quick Check Analysis provides customers with an introductory level analysis of archive objects based on highest priority for size.

The Quick Check provides a simple view of immediate opportunities accompanied by a recommendation of PBS archive add ons for the identified archive objects.

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Health Check

The Health Check is a detailed analysis service for SAP landscapes and delivers table analysis of the largest 25 tables and archive objects.  The Health Check utilizes the PBS Software DB Analyzer tool and provides customers with a more detailed review than the Quick Check.  

An analysis document is provided with benefits including:

  • Opportunities to reduce SAP tables sizes
  • Risk areas for SAP table growth
  • Specific data archiving objects to optimize your SAP environment
  • Strategies to diminish the database size to improve performance and reduce costs

Road Map

The Archive Roadmap is a detailed SAP system evaluation that provides a strategic plan for corporations to control the growth of their data footprint and implement (or expand) data archiving withing the landscape, reducing the size of the SAP infrastructure.    This initiative utilizes the PBS Software DB Analyzer tool and includes:

  • Analysis of the largest 100 tables in the database
  • Identification of data management strategies including data archiving objects, data deletion and data avoidance 
  • Workshops with functional users to gather data access requirements 
  • Best-practice data residency recommendations
  • Solution recommendations
  • Project plan(s) for implementation

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