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Independent Data Access: Data Extraction, Audits, and System Decommissioning

Increasing legal requirements challenge you to prepare the requested information, typically for tax audits, with reasonable efforts.  How can you easily extract the relevant data from your SAP system and hand it over to auditors for SAP-independent processing?

PBS Enterprise Content Store was specifically developed to cover these scenarios:

The PBS solution Enterprise Content Store (ECS) helps you to achieve legal requirements effectively. Enterprise Content Store includes all necessary options to rapidly extract and transfer data from your SAP systems. Existing links between tax-relevant data and original documents are maintained even outside an SAP system. PBS Enterprise Content Store enables customers to actively provide and prepare the requested data easily. Optionally, there are additional, well-proven tools for data extraction and audit needs: PBS Data Export Interface (integrated into PBS archive add on CFI), PBS CDART (archive-enabled SAP DART extraction) and PBS CONEX Flex for flexible, table-based data extractions.

Application examples cover the creation of DART views, data extraction in the case of outsourcing parts of a company (“carve out”) and complex SAP system decommissioning.

Business Case: Decommissioning and carve-out of SAP systems

Brief description of the benefits of PC-based access to SAP legacy data



  • Full, PC-based access to extracted data with no SAP system

  • Efficient processing of extracted data from SAP database and archives

  • Creation of views, reports and analyses

  • Preparation of data for audits

  • Direct access to vouchers and associated documents from storage systems

  • Direct display of SAP print lists

  • Many successful implementations for SAP system decommissioning

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