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Trouble-free adaption of SAP archive files when merging company codes

Oberhessische Versorgungsbetriebe AG (OVAG) is a regional energy and water provider with headquarters in Friedberg (Hesse, Germany). The company’s core business comprises the provision, generation, and the Germany-wide sale of electricity and gas. Further important lines of business are drinking water supply, heating services, and the development of renewable energy sources. This includes the construction and operation of wind power and photovoltaic systems as well as local heating networks with biomass combustion and cogeneration plants. The OVAG group employs around 700 employees and has an annual turnover of 465 million EUR (as of 2018).

The challenge:

At OVAG, SAP IS-U (= Industry Solutions for Utilities) is being used to control and manage well over half a million contracts. SAP IS-U is an industry-specific extension to SAP’s basic ERP software for supply and energy companies.

Due to a company consolidation, two existing company codes had to be merged together. One company code continued to exist, the other company code was deleted after a complete transfer of its data into the leading company code. Within the scope of this company code consolidation, the challenge was to make it possible to read again (e.g. in order to fulfill fiscal requirements) archived data that referenced the no longer existing company code. This was no easy endeavor, since standard SAP archiving envisages immutability of archived data (ADK files).

Due to the high volume of data, OVAG uses the PBS archive add ons (PBS archive add ons enable the seamless transactional access to archived data) within the scope of its archiving concept. For this reason, OVAG turned directly to PBS Software GmbH when looking for a suitable solution


Mr Michael Zimmer, IK area director summed up as follows:

Thanks to the good cooperation with experienced PBS specialists and the ADC software, the project was able to be realized successfully within a very short time.

Within the scope of the conversion, several different archiving objects were converted quickly and without any issues in about 120 existing archiving runs.

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