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Clever Tools and Partner Solutions

These practice-oriented, user-friendly tools support you to control data growth in your SAP system and to meet diverse requirements of SAP data archiving.

PBS ContentLink on Azure

Out of the box: SAP archiving quickly and reliably into the cloud environment


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Migration of archives: Savento Migration Suite

Solution to ensure data and document integrity


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Data Archiving Runs: Savento Tower

Automated & Audit Compliant Report Generation


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Data Validation

PBS Archive Data Conversion

Adaption of SAP Archive Data to Fulfill Audit Requirements

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PBS Archive Data Review

Validate and correct SAP Archiving Runs

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Data Analysis

PBS SE16/SA38_Personal

Personalized SAP Data Access to Tables and SAP Application Reporting

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PBS Data Access Monitor

Logging and Access Statistics to customer-specific Programs

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Data Extraction

PBS Database Export Interface

Flexible and user-friendly Data Extraction from SAP Databases

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Flexible Extraction of SAP ADK Objects with PBS CONEX Flex

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Database Analysis

PBS GDPR Analyzer

Locating personal data in the SAP system


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No free trial version available


PBS Database Analyzer PLUS

Analysis of the Disk Space Requirement and the Database Growth (not available as a trial).

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No free trial version available

BW Database Analyzer

Check of the capacity commitment (not available as a trial)

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No free trial version available

Migration to S/4HANA: PBS Conspecta

Preparation Package for the Migration to S/4HANA


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We provide you with a free test version of all PBS tools.




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