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PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI):

Better Performance and flexible Analyses for Big Data

Is your SAP database growing rapidly and reaching vast data volumes very quickly? Here, the classical SAP data archiving features (ADK) might reach their limits: The runtimes to index and manage vast amounts of data are too long! An efficient archive access for display and reporting is no longer possible.

PBS NAI was specifically developed to cover these scenarios:

The PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI) provides extremely large data compression and significantly accelerates retrieval by using column-oriented database technology. The runtime to create index data for the PBS archive add ons is significantly reduced. Thus, PBS NAI is the ideal instrument to optimize system performance when dealing with large data volumes of archive data. For the first time, NAI enables to integrate ZARIX tables from the SAP Archive Information System (SAP AS) into a nearline database (such as SAP IQ and IBM DB2 BLU) and achieves a considerable improvement for customers with large-scale applications.

Integration of external data

Application data from any SAP table can be evaluated with fastest possible response times supporting all types of analysis needs. And PBS NAI offers much more: The advantages of the nearline
databases can be used for external (non-SAP) data, which can be analyzed quickly and flexibly via the analysis options of the SAP system.

The Solution for Big Data in Retail


  • Unique NLS solution for large amounts of data in SAP ERP, CRM, IS, and other SAP systems

  • Extremely fast data access and huge data compression

  • Variable and fast data analysis – also with integration of non-SAP data

  • Modular concept

Business Case from Practice

Financial Controlling / Data Consolidation

One of the largest German retailers relies on PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI) for their financial controlling.The enormous volume involved here in the analytical ad hoc analyses amounts to around 6.3 billion FI lines. With the help of the Data Replication Service integrated in NAI, database and archive data is replicated in the NAI analysis database and evaluated together. Without the Nearline Analytic Infrastructure, a detailed evaluation is either impossible, or only possible with extremely long runtimes over several days. The quality of the solution is convincing: The query results are generated and made available within seconds.

Business Case from Practice

Cash Register Receipts

In the business scenario “cash register receipts” no less than 5,000 supermarkets with more than 25,000 active cash tills are taken into consideration. The bottom line is that this means the evaluation of several billion cash register receipts. The POS data is available exclusively as non-SAP data. With the help of the NAI External Data Services, the cash receipts are imported into the NAI analysis database and are enriched at the same time with SAP data. As a result, comprehensive market analyses – such as the determination of top sellers – can be done without any problem at the touch of a button.

Practical Example

Distributed Systems

Large enterprises often face the challenge that completely different SAP systems with different applications and release status run next to one another in their system landscape. Through consolidation, the operating costs can be reduced considerably. The technology enables system decommissioning scenarios to be represented. PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI) creates the basis for this consolidation. Several SAP systems are connected to a central NAI analysis database. Data from all connected SAP systems is replicated in the analysis database. The evaluation of the data is performed in a leading system. In this system, queries can be made on the data of the connected (legacy) systems.

PBS Nearline Analytic Infrastructure

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