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PBS Software GmbH offers SAP Data Volume Management solutions and services for data volume management including data archiving, data extractiondata storage, and system decommissioning. Solutions offer seamless and fast access to archived and online data, as well as nearline storage solutions for  SAP ERP, S/4HANA and  SAP BW.

We specialize in SAP complementary solutions within the realm of Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM), applied to data archiving, data extractiondata storage, as well as ystem decommissioning. Our solutions are designed to provide users with seamless and rapid access to all data.

To effectively manage extensive volumes of data, we leverage PBS Nearline Storage solutions. These solutions, built upon cutting-edge column-oriented database technology from IBM and SAP, are ideally suited for SAP ERP, S/4HANA and  SAP BW. In doing so, we assist enterprises in tackling their data repositories and extracting maximum value from their SAP environment.

As part of our comprehensive approach, our subsidiary, PBS Software Americas, Inc., stands as your trusted partner, offering seasoned consultancy and services across every facet of SAP Data Volume Management. Our dedicated team is driven by customer success. Drawing from a wealth of experience in numerous SAP projects, we ensure a cost-efficient, punctual, and expert implementation.

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Elevating Data Archiving to a Strategic Business and IT Operation

PBS archive add-ons revolutionize data archiving by enabling a more assertive approach, empowered by:

  1. Seamless Database and Archive Data Integration: Achieve seamless integration of database and archived data, akin to SAP standard transactions.

  2. Document Chain Insights: Delve into predecessor and successor documents within document chains for both resident and archived data.

  3. SAP Information Lifecycle Management Integration: Leverage SAP ILM-configured rules through integration, enhancing PBS archive add-ons' capabilities.

  4. Harmonized Authorization Concept: Integrate with the SAP authorization framework, ensuring consistent checks across PBS transactions.

  5. File-Based Indexing: Utilize file-based indexing stored outside the database, contrasting SAP standard operations.

During S/4HANA migration, PBS archive add-ons facilitate legacy SAP system data display and evaluation alongside new S/4HANA application data. Furthermore, they simplify data extraction for compliance and audit purposes

Fully exploit archiving: Integrated, transactional access to SAP archive and online data

Store SAP data in an audit-proof manner: Lean, cloud-enabled interface. Supports SAP ArchiveLink and WebDAV 3.1 protocols.

Decommission SAP systems: Retain and deploy legacy data in S/4. Evaluate legacy data from legacy systems transactionally in S/4.

Nearline Analytic Infrastructure: More performance & flexible analysis of SAP data

Shut down SAP systems: Retain and process legacy data independently of SAP (audit, carve-outs, etc.)

Faster queries with simultaneous data compression for SAP BW

Claim real added value from SAP archiving by incorporating PBS archive add-ons. We offer a free, complimentary Data Volume Management QuickCheck, delivering insights into data archiving recommendations to effectively trim the data volume within your SAP system. Our analysis not only encompasses the allocation of archiving objects within the database but also scrutinizes document distribution across SAP modules. If you're interested, simply drop a brief email to contactpbs-softwarecom with the subject line "QuickCheck."


Mastering EU-GDPR regulations – Intelligent Implementation with SAP ILM and PBS archive solutions

The PBS archive solutions interact smoothly with SAP ILM. With our solutions, you can meet the requirements of the GDPR to the full extent. They help you identify personal data in your SAP system and block or delete access to sensitive data. In addition, we offer you a lean archive solution for SAP ILM-compliant storage with PBS ContentLink, which supports both the WebDAV protocol 3.1 and SAP ArchiveLink. 

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PBS add-on solutions are standard software that can be seamlessly integrated in your SAP system. Nevertheless, projects concerning data archiving, data management, and data analysis require careful planning.


Our long-term partners who are highly familiar with the PBS products can provide you excellent support for these projects.



Seamless and Efficient S/4HANA Migration with PBS Archive Add-ons

Transitioning to SAP S/4HANA with intelligence and efficiency is made possible by PBS archive add-ons. SAP S/4HANA, a cutting-edge ERP suite driven by in-memory technology, is tailored to accommodate the demands of digital transformation. For SAP clients, the journey to SAP S/4HANA introduces technological and budgetary complexities that require careful consideration.

Successful migration to SAP S/4HANA necessitates sophisticated data management solutions that not only accelerate the technical transition but also ensure the smooth and hassle-free transfer of vital ERP data.

This is precisely where PBS archive add-ons excel, significantly curbing costs by providing seamless access to archived application data across both ERP and SAP S/4HANA environments without any migration disruptions.

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