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PBS Nearline Analytic Archive (PBS NAA):

Display & analyze ERP legacy data in S/4HANA

With PBS NAA, we present you with a completely new concept for keeping ERP data accessible despite the change to S/4HANA and saving license and operating costs at the same time. Business management relationships remain and can be evaluated in S/4 using transactions, queries, or reports.


  • Legacy data: Provided in S/4 – without losing the business context

  • Data analysis: Transactions/reports, ad-hoc queries,programming API

  • Data protection: Supports the SAP authorization concept

  • The perfect preparation for ERP system decommissioning

  • Simple installation: Minimal resources and administration required,  monitoring

PBS NAA is essentially a sidecar solution:

It facilitates the importing of legacy data (DB + archive) from one or more ERP systems into a nearline database. All data – customizing, master, and transaction data – is imported in the process. This means that even small and medium-sized enterprises are able to retain their ERP data in its original format for S/4 without burdening the new HANA database.
It also paves the way for the phasing out of existing ERP systems that have reached the end of their useful life. All you require is a current S/4HANA system to which you can easily connect the NAA nearline database. From this S/4, you then access the legacy data using familiar, customized SAP standard transactions..


Simply send an e-mail to infopbs-softwarecom. We will be happy to present the solution to you in a webinar.

Retain the business context:

Since PBS NAA displays all master and transaction data in their original form, you can keep a clear overview of past transactions. WithPBS NAA, all data are kept entirely in the original structure, whichmeans that the information is displayed correctly in its temporalcontext. This is also the case for all customizing and master data.

Say you would like to decommission an ERP system that has come to the end of its useful life and you are under a legal obligation to retain pension-related data, for example, for a period of 30 years. With PBS NAA, you can view salary statements as they originally looked at the time the system was decommissioned.

The special thing about this is that, to access the data from legacy systems, you use transactions that have the same structure as your familiar transactions. This means there is no need for any training.
In addition to the transactions and reports, it includes a query tool for creating complex queries at the click of a mouse. Even vast amounts of data can be analyzed highly efficiently thanks to the nearline database’s column-based format.

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