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PBS Nearline Analytic Archive (PBS NAA):

Display & analyze ERP legacy data in S/4HANA

With PBS NAA, we present a completely new concept for keeping ERP data accessible despite the change to S/4HANA, while at the same time saving licensing and operating costs. Business correlations remain and can be evaluated in S/4 via transactions, queries or reports.

Highlights of the new PBS Solution

  • Legacy data: Provided in S/4 – without losing the business context

  • Data analysis: Transactions/reports, ad-hoc queries, programming API

  • Data protection: Supports the SAP authorization concept

  • The perfect preparation for ERP system decommissioning

  • Simple installation: Minimal resources and administration required, monitoring

The secret recipe of PBS NAA is a kind of side-car solution:

The legacy data (DB + archive) from one or more ERP systems are imported into a nearline database. All data is transferred, i.e. customizing, master and transaction data. This means that even small and medium-sized companies can save their ERP data completely in the original format to S/4 without burdening the new HANA database. In this way, you create the conditions for shutting down ERP systems that are no longer used productively. All you need is a current S/4HANA system to which the NAA nearline database can be easily connected. From this S/4, you then access the legacy data via your usual, customized SAP standard transactions.

Business management relationships remain intact:

Imagine you want to decommission an ERP system that is no longer used productively. For example due to legal requirements, you have to keep relevant data for pension insurance for 30 years.. With PBS NAA, you get the respective salary statement as it looked in the original at the time of the system decommissioning.  

The special thing about it: To call up the data from legacy systems, you use transactions that are structured in the same way as your familiar transactions. There is no need for any training.

In addition to the transactions and reports, a query tool is available that allows you to create complex queries with a simple click. Even the largest data volumes can be analyzed with extremely high performance, as the nearline database works in a column-oriented format.


Display ERP data in S/4HANA with PBS NAA:

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