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Restrict the SAP data flow.

When running an SAP system, you face a lot of challenges every day: Do you still have the right concepts for information lifecycle management and data archiving? Is your data retrieval performance still appropriate? Have you included audit requirements and a migration to SAP HANA into your plannings? At the same time your SAP database grows rapidly, users complain about poor response times, the backup runs slowly, and so on, ...

Our SAP add-on solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into your SAP system:

Smart Solutions for your SAP Application

Fully exploit archiving: Integrated, transactional access to SAP archive and online data

Store SAP data in an audit-proof manner: Lean, cloud-enabled interface. Supports SAP ArchiveLink and WebDAV 3.1 protocols.

Decommission SAP systems: Retain and deploy legacy data in S/4. Evaluate legacy data from legacy systems transactionally in S/4.

Shut down SAP systems: Retain and process legacy data independently of SAP (audit, carve-outs, etc.)

Nearline Analytic Infrastructure: More performance & flexible analysis of SAP data


Hundreds of customers worldwide have been benefitting from PBS archive add ons for more than 25 years.
Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as well-known global brands.

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