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PBS Database Analyzer PLUS

Analysis of the Disk Space Requirement and the Database Growth

In the run-up to your archiving project, the PBS Database Analyzer PLUS enables you to analyze the capacity commitment of your archiving objects in the database and, in this way, to determine the current memory requirement.

You are also able to define the document distribution of the selected SAP modules. Furthermore, you can check the archivability of selected SD, FI and MM documents.

The Database Analyzer PLUS answers the following questions:

  • How much is our database increasing?
  • For which archiving objects does archiving make sense?
  • Which module requires most of the disk space?
  • Which PBS archive add on do I need?
  • How much disk space is occupied by my SAP FI module?
  • How big is the monthly document volume in the financial accounting?
  • How big is an average purchasing document?
  • Which table can be archived with which archiving object?

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