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Data Archiving, Data Management and Data Analysis

SAP add-on solutions for the Information Lifecycle Management in the areas data archiving, data extraction, data storage, and system decommissioning. Users get a seamless and fast access to all data. PBS provides nearline storage solutions for SAP ERP, S/4HANA and  SAP BW  to process very large data volumes with state-of-the-art column-oriented database technology from IBM and SAP.

April 11, 2022: PBS Software Expands Operations to North America

PBS Software GmbH, Bensheim, Germany, announces today that it has founded a US-based company to further develop its international growth and support of its customers and partners in North America. This new subsidiary is named “PBS Software Americas” and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.


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Archiving, a strategic component

With the PBS archive add ons you can archive more aggressively and take full advantage of SAP data archiving:

  • Seamlessly integrate database and archive data in common transactions (analogous to SAP standard).

  • Navigate to predecessor and successor documents within document chains at the click of a mouse. All resident and archived data is included.

  • Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM): The PBS archive add ons explicitly take into account the rule you have created in SAP ILM.

  • All SAP authorization checks are performed for the PBS transactions

  • 100% relief of the primary database through file-based archive data indexing

An essential component for handling rapidly growing data volumes is data archiving. With the PBS archive add ons, which are based on SAP standard archiving, you can archive very aggressively without risking a loss of information. For complete and convenient access to SAP archive and online data, PBS Software offers immediately usable supplementary solutions for SAP data archiving with the PBS archive add ons. They correspond with the corresponding SAP modules and extend SAP standard transactions and SAP reports with optimized archive data accesses.

The PBS archive add ons ensure that data from a legacy system can be displayed and evaluated together with new S/4 HANA application data. Furthermore, they enable simple data extractions, such as those required for data carrier transfers during operational and tax audits. The PBS archive add ons are standard software solutions and completely realized with tools of the SAP development environment.


Fully exploit archiving: Integrated, transactional access to SAP archive and online data

Store SAP data in an audit-proof manner: Lean, cloud-enabled interface. Supports SAP ArchiveLink and WebDAV 3.1 protocols.

Decommission SAP systems: Retain and deploy legacy data in S/4. Evaluate legacy data from legacy systems transactionally in S/4.

Nearline Analytic Infrastructure: More performance & flexible analysis of SAP data

Shut down SAP systems: Retain and process legacy data independently of SAP (audit, carve-outs, etc.)

Faster queries with simultaneous data compression for SAP BW

Does SAP archiving, supplemented with the PBS archive add ons, offer you real added value?

We will be happy to provide you with a brief analysis free of charge and without obligation. We will determine for you at which point data archiving is positively recommended to significantly reduce the data volume in your SAP system: In addition to the disk space allocation of the archiving objects, we analyze the document distribution for SAP modules selected by you. Interested? Then just send a short e-mail to contactpbs-softwarecom with the keyword "QuickCheck".


Mastering EU-GDPR regulations – Intelligent Implementation with SAP ILM and PBS archive solutions

The PBS archive solutions interact smoothly with SAP ILM. With our solutions, you can meet the requirements of the GDPR to the full extent. They help you identify personal data in your SAP system and block or delete access to sensitive data. In addition, we offer you a lean archive solution for SAP ILM-compliant storage with PBS ContentLink, which supports both the WebDAV protocol 3.1 and SAP ArchiveLink. 

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Implement our Solutions via Professional Partners

PBS add-on solutions are standard software that can be seamlessly integrated in your SAP system. Nevertheless, projects concerning data archiving, data management, and data analysis require careful planning.


Our long-term partners who are highly familiar with the PBS products can provide you excellent support for these projects.



Migrate to S/4HANA smartly and efficiently with PBS archive add ons

SAP S/4HANA provides a state-of-the-art ERP suite based on in-memory technology and designed to meet the needs of digital transformation. For SAP customers, the associated conversion to SAP S/4HANA provides technological and economic challenges that should not be underestimated. Successful migrations to SAP S/4HANA call for sophisticated data management solutions that minimizes the time needed for technical migration while supporting smooth, trouble-free transfer of all relevant ERP data.

This is where PBS archive add ons contribute significantly to minimizing costs by ensuring seamless, migration-free access to archived application data in both the ERP and SAP S/4HANA environment.

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