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CBW NLS: Saving Costs when using in-memory Technology

The PBS solution is a pure add-on for the SAP nearline solution for NetWeaver BW on SAP IQ. It uses its database connection and the corresponding database license in contrast to other PBS nearline products such as CBW NLS IQ or NAI that includes a PBS database interface to connect the SAP IQ as well as a separate OEM license.<br/> The PBS add-on for SAP NLS enhances the SAP solution by multiple functions that have proven themselves in many PBS customers‘ systems. Among those are, for example, options to significantly reduce query runtimes, a sophisticated nearline monitoring functionality directly via SAP BW, archiving of PSA data as well as the support of data extractions for audits. Well-proven PBS utilities support additionally the preparation of nearline projects and the later maintenance. Moreover, the CBW NLS contains the complete functionality of the previous, purely ADK-based PBS solution.<br/> <br/> Nearline Variant also for Non-Unicode Systems

<br/> A variant in the nearline storage portfolio for SAP NetWeaver BW that completely corresponds to the SAP format, simplifies migration to SAP HANA since neither the primary nor nearline database has to be converted to Unicode before the migration. This reduces the costs for the migration. If data is transferred during running HANA operation from the in-memory database into the nearline database, this in turn reduces the license costs.<br/> The new nearline storage add-on can be implemented both on classical BW platforms as well as seamlessly on BW on HANA. Running on BW on HANA, the nearline data is either available directly via the standard SAP NLS or via the numerous PBS additional functions. The combination of SAP and PBS functionality currently offers the maximum functional scope for nearline processes on SAP IQ such as optimal data compression and fast query response times.

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