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Big Data in Retail

On the one hand, retailers are obliged to store their point of sale data in an unaggregated way and present it in audits. On the other hand, the point of sale data, shortly POS, also contains interesting sales information whose analysis helps to avoid stock shortfalls and overstocking and recognize sales trends at an early stage. For this, the retail industry needs a solution that fulfills both requirements.

Using the PBS solution CPOS you can integrate quickly and easily the POS data in your SAP ERP system and analyze it there in a very fast way. The column-based database technology that is used in the PBS nearline solution compresses the non-SAP data heavily and thus accelerates significantly its analysis. And this is possible with standard hardware at an excellent price-performance ratio.

PBS is based on a clear and comprehensive concept: The POS data is stored in a compliant way in the used Fixed Content Storage in the original format. The portion of data that should be analyzed goes to the column-based nearline database. Data does not have to be saved in the SAP system. The linkage of analysis data in the nearline storage to original data in the storage system is ensured, of course.

Integrated Top-Down Data Access

Data access is performed based on queries in the SAP system. The data can be seamlessly displayed from the aggregated data view right through to the original POS transaction via drill-down. Data access is enhanced by a programming interface that enables a customer-specific linkage to the SAP standard processes.

PBS CPOS comprises a scalable transfer component that transfers the data in a rolling process into the target structures.

The PBS solution CPOS is based on the Nearline Analytic Infrastructure (NAI). PBS CPOS uses its interface to the nearline database. PBS NAI is the only column-based nearline solution in the SAP ERP environment and is already being used by numerous customers.

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